We partnered with Stellium to enhance our efficiencies at two levels. First, to iron out the process issues in our SAP transactions and then for our Biz Intelligence through our dashboard. The domain expertise at Stellium got over the process issues very quickly, and then focused on the dashboard. The team put in long hours and a lot of dedication to get the Dashboard up and running. We now have a macro view of the business with an option to drill down to the nano details. This has clearly improved our efficiencies. The quality of interactions we have had at all levels within Stellium gave us confidence throughout our transactions.

Vice President and Business Head of one of India's leading business conglomerates

Stellium’s expertise in warehouse planning and designing facilities was evident during our interactions for our finished goods warehouse facility expansion. They have been able to differentiate themselves by providing excellent work quality and recommendations supported by facts and analyses. We are particularly impressed with the delivery they have managed in three weeks and look forward to a long relationship with them.

Director Operations of a leading manufacturer of Opthalmic Equipments
Pharmaceutical Business be it in any geography is governed by the simple theme “Competitive Compliance” – which clearly means highest level of “Data integrity”, “Data Accuracy” & “Compliance” to ensure Regulatory discipline.

In the light of the definition, integration of constraints across the value chain of the Business viz. Business development, Technical Operations & Manufacturing is of critical importance. All this however cannot be achieved merely by having only world class IT platforms but comes with a deep rooted process and integration specialization.

Supply Chain function in the Organisation thus is the “nucleus” which need to drive the above essentials. Strengthening the Supply Chain functions with Process and Product specialist is imperative to the success of any Business and be within the ambit of “Competitive compliance”

Advance Planning/ scheduling and Optimization solution plays a critical role in this sphere. Strides has learnt this early enough in implementing the “Planning Solution” which precisely addresses these core areas right up to the granular level. With multiple plants in different product domains and with complex regulatory guidelines to be adhered, planning solution with the most articulative algorithm resolves complex issues within the ecosystem and completely eliminates people dependencies or artificial intelligence.

Material availability / capacity availability / Approved plants listing/ customer expectation on dates of delivery / profitable geographies / High Priority customers to be services / vendor – material – end product combination due to regulatory compliance needs are the most common and complex constraints which supply chain is normally contending with in any part of the world. Doing this all manual or through archaic solutions, put the organization are incalculable risk. Planning solution addresses all these areas as a rule based logic which determines and prioritizes the Organisation core values.

The solution addresses the key requirement of “Transparency” and “visibility” across the enterprise and works as a complimentary system to any enterprise wide ERP that might address the “Transaction efficiency”. Given the fact that the data is accessible all the stakeholders, the solution effectively cuts down dramatically on legacy communication channels such as “ Mails, Phone, meetings and presentation as well as file attachment. Every stakeholder has a view of the plan and actuals to determine which leg in the entire planning and scheduling cycle is contributing to delays or On-time” performance achievement.

Effective use of the Planning system pro-actively enables to address the weak links in the organization without having to chase the wrong end.

CIO of a leading Pharma Company