Planning as a Service

As supply chain complexity is increasing, it is vital to have immaculate, robust & integrated planning processes.
However a big majority of businesses use spreadsheets for their Supply Chain Planning
The reason
  1. Availability of suitably qualified personnel to undertake complex Supply Chain Planning tasks
  2. Inability to make a cash outlay for Capital Expense required to install contemporary planning systems
The result
  1. Low Customer Service Levels
  2. High Stock Levels

Stellium Consulting in partnership with Lighthouse Inc. introduces ‘Planning as a Service’ to help small and medium businesses navigate this conundrum.

We deliver an investment free, cost efficient and low maintenance solution to manage the challenges inherent in Supply Chain Planning

How does it work ?
  1. Stellium Consulting receives data from customers, alternatively we pick data securely from the customer’s native systems
  2. Our planning team sanitizes the data making it amenable for use
  3. Data is subject to sophisticated planning engines of Lighthouse Planning Suite
  4. Supply Chain Planning Inputs are handed over to relevant customer stakeholders for review and implementation
How does it help ?
  1. No capital outlay
  2. No need to nurture expensive planning talent
  3. No peripheral technical issues
  4. Access to a Best of Breed comprehensive planning system – Lighthouse Planning Suite
  5. Availability of expertise from a planning team boasting 200+ years of cumulative Supply Chain Planning experience
Planning as a Service
Demand Planning
  • Demand forecast for multi-echelon networks
  • 14 sophisticated planning algorithms with best fit analysis
  • Forecast aggregation / disaggregation as required
  • Product lifecycle planning – NPI & EOL processes
Inventory Planning
  1. Inventory planning for complex multi level supply chains
  2. Global maximization of Service levels & minimization of Inventory costs
  3. Inventory rebalancing across locations
  4. Granular Inventory management – parameters setting at a product level
Supply Planning
  1. Planned order calculation considering backorders, stock on hand, inventory norms, supply lead times etc.
  2. Preferential replenishment
  3. Flexible replenishment intervals
  4. Lot-size consideration
  5. SOB consideration
  6. Active Exception-handling
Production Planning
  1. Expertise with MTO / MTS and Discrete / Process manufacturing
  2. Planning with material and capacity constraints
  3. Demand pegging, What-if analysis & Exception handling
  4. Production plan
  5. Procurement plan for shortages
  6. Flexible Production schedules
Sales & Operations Planning
  1. Scenario planning
  2. What-if analysis
  3. Constraint identification
  4. Impact analysis
  5. Multi dimensional perspective
  6. Attribute based planning
  7. Consensus Plan generation
  8. Reconciliation with financial plan

Stellium Edge
We combine the power of deep functional & industry expertise, analytics & optimization sciences, process engineering and advanced technologies to deliver inventive solutions. We are a specialized firm focused on helping our clients achieve sustainable results by improving Value Chain and minimizing decision latency across the organization.


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