Demand Planning Analytics

StelliumLighthouse SCADemand Planning Analytics
Demand Planning Analytics – Key to Supply chain intelligence
Lighthouse Demand Planning Analytics gives you the business intelligence for strategic and actionable insights to drive improvement in operational efficiency. Lighthouse Demand Planning Analytics make it possible to drill deeper into supply chain data and presents the necessary reports and Key Performance Indicators in a detailed and organized manner. Additional Analytical Reports/ Key Performance Indicators based on customer requirements can be easily configured
  • Saves Information Gathering Time and Enhances Communication
  • Delivers Quick, Unified view of all the information
  • Provides ability to identify and assess risk
  • Increases Productivity
  •  Analyse and review the demand forecast and helps in deriving a consensus plan
  • Check the accuracy of the demand plan by comparing lagged forecasts against actual sales data
  •  User Friendly interface with the availability of features such as Charts, Graphs, Pivot tables that are easily configurable to requirements
  •  Multi criteria selection and easy of filtering to drill down to the required data
  • Role based permissions and views
  •  Ease of export to Excel