Supply Planning

StelliumSupply Planning
Efficient time phased replenishment and fulfilment driving improved customer service


Lighthouse Supply Planning solution models various constraints like safety stock, lead time etc. to create a supply plan to ensure right quantity of material is available at the right location at the right time across the complex multi-echelon supply chain networks.
  • Quicker response to market demand
  • Timely orders and deliveries
  • Complete supply chain visibility
  • Improved planner productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Quickly detect stock-outs and outdated inventory
  • Match profitability to replenishment requirements
  • Leverages end-consumer demand signals and forecasts, enabling companies to create optimal, inventory plans across multi-echelon networks
  • Achieve process integration & flawless execution to minimize stock-outs and excessive costs
  • Graphical display with interactive UI
  • In-built security features with multiple user profiles

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