Sales & Operations Planning

StelliumLighthouse SCPSales & Operations Planning
Complete visibility of enterprise business process for informed decision making


Sales & Operation Planning process is a very critical process for any company interested in strong performance. Objective of Sales & Operations Planning process is to reach consensus on a single operating plan that allocates critical supply to reach corporate performance targets and market demand. Lighthouse SNOP module provides a platform to reach a consensus plan by providing a single view of the demand and supply plans at various levels in the product, region and time dimensions
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of integrated business planning
  • Quicker response to changes in market conditions
  • Minimize inventory costs by balancing supply and demand more effectively
  • Avoid capacity and materials shortages through effective resource usage
  • Identify opportunities to drive revenue growth and increase market share
  • Multidimensional view of Demand, Supply, Manufacturing and S&OP Plans
  • Helps reconcile differences between high-level business forecasts and lower-level product forecasts
  • Consensus planning
  • Automatic alert generation & reporting

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