Supply Planning Analytics

StelliumLighthouse SCASupply Planning Analytics
Supply Planning Analytics – Key to Supply chain intelligence
Lighthouse Supply Chain Management – Supply Planning Analytics make it possible to drill deeper into supply chain data and presents the necessary reports and Key Performance Indicators in a detailed and organized manner. Additional Analytical Reports/ Key Performance Indicators based on customer requirements can be easily configured
  • Saves Information Gathering Time and facilitates ease of communication
  •  Delivers Quick, Unified view of all the information
  • Provides ability to identify and assess risk
  • Increases Productivity
  • Multiple Scenario Analysis
  • Analyse and review the replenishment and fulfillment plan to do a root cause of shortage or overstocking
  • User Friendly interface with the availability of features such as Charts, Graphs, Pivot tables that are easily configurable to requirements
  • Multi criteria classification for ease of business analytics and strategy decisions
  • Role based permissions and views
  •  Ease of export to Excel