Warehouse Performance Management 360

StelliumLighthouse SCAWarehouse Performance Management 360
Measure warehouse performance using customizable dashboards and benchmark against world-class standards
  • WPM 360 is an analytics platform to measure, monitor and manage warehouse performance effectively.
  • WPM 360 provides visibility on key performance metrics such as cycle time, customer order fulfillment time, workforce and equipment productivity and asset utilization.
  • WPM 360 has an exhaustive library of over 200 predefined metrics based on industry best practices classified under 9 attributes- Reliability, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Utilization, Productivity, Quality, Safety, Cost and Employee Engagement- that give a 360 degree view of warehouse operations.
  • Firms can benchmark their warehouses against world-class standards and use WPM as an enabler to performance improvement.
  • Impact on firm profits: Managers can look for improvement opportunities more easily, paving the way for significant revenue enhancements and cost reduction
  • Complements existing system: WPM 360 uses data from existing SAP system to generate analytics, thereby serving as an add-on to the client’s SAP system
  • Enhances performance management: Reduces effort of managing and presenting warehouse data which results in better monitoring and hence, performance management
  • Scope for continuous improvement: Customizable dashboards provide better data visibility. This coupled with real-time tracking facilitates continuous improvement initiatives
  • Faster decision making: Managers can take decisions that are grounded in analytics rather than just gut feel or past experience
  • Top executives can get summarized information on the performance of all warehouses on a single dashboard
  • Warehouse managers, supervisors and operators can get a real time view of actual operations in progress at the warehouse using Warehouse Live™
  • User can drill down metrics by relevant dimensions and by metric hierarchy to get data at the desired level for analysis and decision making
  • Select any metric against a relevant dimension to create custom charts and tables. Select any chart type to display the data
  • What-if Analysis and Root Cause Analysis provide users with functionality to perform basic descriptive analysis to understand the causes of poor performance
  • A single screen to monitor relevant KPIs, view exceptions and action items against each exception