Case studies

To Re-engineer Warehouse Processes with deployment of suitable automation systems like – Pick to Light, Sort by Light, Sorting Conveyor Systems using EWM and a non-SAP WCS System thus improving the productivity, throughput and order fill rate​
Implementation of SAP EWM  7.2 and providing post go-live support for 6 warehouses across Europe for a major bottling company. They needed to switch from the existing WM solution seamlessly and make use of all the new functionality provided in EWM and scrap the legacy systems which were highly customized for their operations.​
The existing WMS has limited functionality and changes to disparate solutions cross different locations are herculean effort and create risk of instability and business disruption.
SAP EWM 9.3 Implementation across 11 different (RM, WIP, Packaging Material, Byproducts and Finished Goods) warehouses​
Delivery of parts to the assembly line in the right quantity, at the location, in the right time and with the right quality.​​
Case Study
Re-engineer the business processes through SAP EWM 9.4 Implementation at BSR Warehouse and Finished Goods (FG) DC of APL’s Ankleshwar Plant
DHL Smart Trucking is a business unit of DHL eCommerce, a division of Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) Group – the world’s leading postal and logistics company. DHL Smart Trucking was launched in 2018 with a clear vision to provide simple, fast, reliable long-haul trucking services across India.
One of Stellium’s landmark success stories over the past year has been the first EWM Go-Live interfacing EWM with a non-SAP ERP, the first of its kind in this industry, a business with so many variants.
With around 50% export volumes and high growth potential in the export volumes, the client needed to revisit transportation planning for optimized freight movement to the end customers. Tool based decision making and visibility of shipment across various legs of the transporation network resulted in reduced transportation costs
The benchmarks for master data and process standards were defined for different functional areas to improve the processes and reduce the order fulfillment time.
A large CPG company needed to redesign the existing warehouses with minimum capital investment. Low stock visibility due to poor hygiene conditions in the existing facility were addressed to improve the fill rate in the re-designed facility
Use of hand held terminals integrated with SAP system for the counting process across 220 retail stores in Asia. The solution maximized the accuracy of the physical wall to wall counting process
Analysis of potential locations for network expansion and identification of most suitable location to reduce delivery lead time to meet industry benchmarks
Optimized material flow of raw materials, packaging material and finished goods between the production and storage locations for improved tracking and visibility of material across the manufacturing process
Warehouse Design including detailed infrastructure design and process definition to achieve high degree of mechanization in storage and handling. Mature RF-based operations for
faster turn around and better utilization of resources in the various facilities.
Improve supply chain efficiency by transforming, standardizing and consolidating key supply chain processes on SAP platform
including Sourcing, Procurement and Inventory Management including interfaces with plant maintenance and project management
organization and processes for one of North America’s premier Pipeline and Mid-stream energy major
Improved categorization of SKU’s leading to balancing of stock within the same capital requirement for a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions.
Identification of key levers and metrics to be measured to optimize the supply chain performance. SKU rationalisation and suggesting stocking norms for optimized demand planning
An inventory management solution on hand held devices integrated with SAP to improve the speed, accuracy and cost of inventory management.
Seamless counting process on hand held devices integrated with SAP to improve the speed, accuracy and cost of inventory management. Generation of variance reports in real time.
Reduction in order processing time and improved order fill rate by automating the delivery creation and credit check processes. Zoning and clustering of customer regions to reduce logistics costs for a major auto spares OEM.
Standardization and Institutionalization of Supply Chain planning and execution practices and improved categorization of the SKU’s to reduce stock outs and improve service levels for one of the world’s largest Oil &Gas services company.
Leveraging full potential of the SAP EWM functionality to enable world class warehousing at the after sales spares parts distribution centers of a major automative manufacturing company
Leveraging SAP EWM to implement cross docking, cluster picking for a group of stores to improve resource productivity, deconsolidation of received pallets to facilitate put away of stock using trolleys to reduce the travel distance for a top clothing brand in the world.
Improved order management process, inventory planning, warehouse area estimation, warehouse process improvements, distribution network optimization to transform the existing supply chain of a major Auto Spares OEM.
Use of hand held terminals in the counting process and inventory inaccuracy by integeration of custom application with the SAP system for report generation
Logistics and warehousing costs were evaluated for multiple scenarios to select the ideal locations of the distribution centers for a premium apparel brands
Leveraging the information available in the existing SAP BW system to define and measure KPI’s and make fact based decisions to improve the overall decision making for a Fortune 500 company.
Use of hand held terminals integrated with SAP system for the counting process across 220 retail stores in Asia. The solution maximized the accuracy of the physical wall to wall counting process.
Redefining the logistics strategy (Partner Selection, Re-drafting contracts, Freight Model Selection) to improve the services and reduce logistic costs for a large CPG company in Asia.
Warehouse Area estimation taking into account business growth (yoy) and desired customer service level.
Greenfield warehouse concept identifying the load units, storage systems, designing the various functional areas of the warehouse for seamless integration with the production facility and distribution channels.
Replacing the existing WMS with SAP EWM to digitize the operations in the warehouse adopting a futuristic view to business scalability and growth as per forecasts.
Leveraging SAP EWM to transform operations, reduce costs and improve service by enabling features like Yard management, bin management on RF devices.
Improved IT infrastructure performance by identifying the root cause of performance issue.
Fully functional warehouse with paperless operations, best practices for material flow, traffic management and SHE guidelines.
Digitization of the warehouse operations to have system guided put away and picking and selection of MHE for reduction in put away and picking time
Lean process flow using HHT along with audio visual management to depict errors improving the productivity and reducing the overall process time for one of the most prominent E-commerce players in Asia.

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