Software Quality Engineering

Reduce technology quality costs, accelerate innovation, and build technological competency
The aim of a Testing Centre of Excellence (TCOE) is to build a competency in testing and quality assurance, which ensures that best practices in quality are adopted across an organization.
Our TCoE standards ensure that the delivered product will be of high quality and that quality is controlled at every stage of the project. Our quality processes are flexible, we can customize them per client’s needs and adopt almost any tool or practice that is suitable for the client in broad variety of domains. We provide value in cost and time for efficient project implementation.
Overall Testing Offering

  • Making sure that the organizational technology strategy aims are met by the developed software
  • Effective evaluation of the business process being tested
  • Standard tool set for testing activities such as requirement management, defect management etc.
  • Ability to leverage our partnerships

Stellium Edge
We combine the power of deep functional & industry expertise, analytics & optimization sciences, process engineering and advanced technologies to deliver inventive solutions. We are a specialized firm focused on helping our clients achieve sustainable results by improving Value Chain and minimizing decision latency across the organization.


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