Production Planning & Scheduling

StelliumLighthouse SCPProduction Planning & Scheduling
Constraint based production planning and scheduling to pro-actively respond to real time supply chain problems


Lighthouse Production Planning and Scheduling is an advanced planning solution that satisfies demand considering prioritization rules, inventory, supplier responsiveness, and production capacities. Robust modeling features enable the planner to define rules at the factory, individual item and operations level to model all supply chain challenges. The solution provides visibility to all exceptions in planning and not only helps the planner respond to dynamic changes faster but also improves collaboration between multiple business domains.
  • Improves customer service levels by increasing due date delivery performance and by reduction of process lead times
  • Reduces cost through Demand Driven production planning and overall inventory reduction
  • Improves overall asset utilization through effective bottleneck management solution
  • Finite Capacity Planning feature enables consideration of both material and capacity constraints planning in the same planning run
  • Robust Modelling capability to model both discrete and continuous production processes
  • Intuitive User Interface enables planners to incorporate planner decision through interactive scheduling feature
  • Effective exception management through clear visibility of all planning exception and reasons through UI and alert e-mail configurations

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