Stellium Industry 4.0

StelliumStellium Industry 4.0
The future manufacturing is about digitizing the value chain by injecting technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and automating the work using robotic technologies.


Stellium works in the future technologies in order to fulfil the customer future needs. We believe that constant innovation is the only way we can add value to the clients and grow ourselves in the process. As a young and dynamic firm, we are hungry and always hustle our way towards breaking the glass ceiling in technologies. The digital factory we have in Palo Alto shows our commitment towards leap frogging the technology barriers. We have a vision for future smart factories and a plan to execute it. The setup we have along with SAP Co-Innovation in Palo Alto is a first step towards the moon shot of digitizing the physical world. This set up acts as a perfect platform for innovation and collaboration where manufacturers can demonstrate their product capabilities, customer can do proof of concepts and educational institutions can learn with hands on experience.