Warehouse Management System

StelliumLIGHTHOUSE SCEWarehouse Management System
Enhancing productivity and utilization through system driven processes
• Ensure high accuracy levels for all warehouse processes
• Task allocation & execution by multi language and portable hand held based application.
• Optimal utilization of resources
• Movement reduction by wave creation, optimization of the put-away and picking paths
• Improve turn-around time & customer service levels by guided picking, packing & shipping
• Achieve inventory accuracy more than 99% by physical stock verification
• Accurate measurement of warehouse KPI’s
• Robust reporting for different management strata

  • The modular structure of the Lighthouse WM application supports all best practices and warehouse processes while provides scope for customer specific solutions for meeting the warehousing requirements.
  • Facilitating smoother sequence of inbound and outbound process flow with standard modules like gate entry, unloading, GRN, inspection, re-packing, value added service modules, cross-docking, picking, outbound inspection, packing, shipping and gate exit.

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