Supply Chain Cost Optimization

Stellium’s Cost Optimization services help companies in a deep analysis of Supply Chain costs and drivers to generate valuable insight into the tradeoffs and performance differences among various products, customers or with competitors
Profitability and cost are at the core of Business performance. However, competition in the market and increasing customer expectations are making the Supply Chain Costs even more relevant today. In most organizations, the indirect costs as part of the overall costs are growing. And growing differentiation of Product offerings to customers, i.e. “value added” varies by customer and products. In short, to preserve margins and ensure profitability, organizations need to monitor and manage their Supply Chain Network and Processes continuously.
Stellium’s proven approach in Supply chain cost optimization helps companies to drive higher profit realization and asset efficiency. Our “True Profitability” model is driven by a comprehensive understanding of the cost and revenue elements associated with Customer / Product.
We take up detailed analysis to determine the most relevant cost drivers and the relative effect of each for the company’s supply chain. Typically cost drivers are primarily divided into three categories:
  •  Scale: The effect of volume and technology on supply chain cost per unit
  •  Efficiency: e.g. Productivity, Utilization of Network Resources and Complexity
  •  Factor Costs: e.g. Input costs (e.g. Labour), Operating costs and Logistics costs

Further advanced optimization techniques help optimize the overall cost for the Supply Chain network while meeting Customer Service and other business related constraints.

Organizations can unlock significant value by actioning insights generated from our Analytical approach and enable value-based supply chain strategy and design.

We combine the power of deep functional & industry expertise, analytics & optimization sciences, process engineering and advanced technologies to deliver inventive solutions. We are a specialized firm focused on helping our clients achieve sustainable results by improving Value Chain and minimizing decision latency across the organization.


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