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Warehouse Design & Automation

Since inception, Stellium Consulting has been successfully designed and delivered most efficient warehousing solutions that has provided customers with strategically aligned warehouses that meet the organization goal and maximizes profitability and productivity. Warehouse design has always been a core competency of Stellium. Stellium’s Facility Design services cover a gamut of offerings ranging from framing of the corporate warehousing strategy to designing and implementing warehouses, storage yards, project yards, hubs, implant logistic facilities, cargo terminals, dry docks to name a few. The services offered to encompass the complexities of material flow, process design, infrastructure design and information flow around design or re-engineering of:

Storage Facilities
Cargo Terminals
Project Yards
Multi-Modal Transportation Hubs
Facility Audits and Benchmarking
Conceptualization and Design validation for different storage and logistics facilities
Process Re-engineering for Productivity Improvement
Cost Reduction and Process Streamlining
Automation and Project Management

The activities performed includes Feasibility analysis, Sizing, Storage System selection, Load unit selection, Material Handling equipment planning, Layout planning, Resource calculation, Process recommendations, Investment, and ROI Estimation and justification.

Feasibility Study and Design Validation

Stellium helps the clients to evaluate high stake business critical decisions regarding the suitability for the setup of storage and logistics facilities by quantifying the risks and benefits associated. Stellium provides an outsider’s perspective to validate and refine the client’s in-house designs

Concept Design

Stellium helps the clients to conceptualize the optimal designs which can maximize the returns on the investments. Concept design helps the clients explore alternatives and arrive at the design which can improve material handling and productivity.

Detailed Planning and Simulation

Stellium helps the client prepare a detailed design and provides inputs related to finer and project critical aspects. Stellium validates the design blueprints by carrying out detailed simulation analysis for the intended process and material flow.

Implementation Management

Stellium provides implementation services that range from vendor selection, technical evaluation, negotiation, and project management. Always keeping the bigger project picture in mind, Stellium leverages its project management expertise to help clients achieve unparallel benefits by aligning different stakeholders.

Line Feed Solutions

Planning, and designing the line side stores to ensure continuous production with optimal replenishments and maximum space utilization. Application of LEAN principles to achieve higher outputs with minimal waste.

Automation and Digitization

Automation and digitization can significantly improve productivity and accuracy in the warehouse. Stellium helps the client select the best-suited automation and digitization alternatives from an ever-growing number of alternatives available in the market.

Customer Benefits

  • Increased ROI.
  • Maximizing the efficiency of existing warehouse space and scope for future expansion as per company strategy.
  • Maximum throughput and productivity.
  • Complete revamping of existing facility.
  • Vendor evaluation based on expert analysis.

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