Omnichannel World: Automation brings momenteos change in Ecommerce Market

StelliumBlogOmnichannel World: Automation brings momenteos change in Ecommerce Market



Omnichannel World: Automation brings momenteos change in Ecommerce Market

How Warehouse Automation Helps E-Commerce Grow?

It is a well-known fact that e-commerce is growing rapidly around the globe and parallelly there is slow change in the trend of the purchasing of goods by the customer and the way they are distributed from Distribution Centres to customers. With high orders volume to process with very less fulfilment turn around time which creates unsustainable scenario for the warehouse users .Hence, poses a big challenge for warehouses as the movement of goods to and from warehouses become more rapid.

Real-time tracking, processing, and delivery of packages — coupled with steadily rising delivery costs–  To cater to this, there is a greater stress on automation to perform the tasks of picking, packing, and shipping the products which helps in meeting the demand of online retailers

Why is automation the answer? How can it help?

The application of automation in warehousing and distribution is able to tackle the high logistics demands of e-commerce without high maintenance costs as such systems are compatible to be integrated into the logistics process without much customization. A significant part of efficient warehousing is to have an effective combination of WCS (Warehouse Control System) with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. Through this integration, orders are sent to the automated system and the whole picking and distribution process starts

Since, huge part of e-commerce success lies with speed and accuracy of items being picked which eventually affects fulfilment lead time – from the point when the order is first being placed to the time when the item is received by the consumer. Modular and scalable investments to speed up the movement of goods in the warehouse like the application of goods-to-man picking, supported by  shuttles or the implementation of automated guided vehicles (AGV), systems  that help in reducing the picker’s travel time to significant extent and helps in increasing the overall warehouse efficiency

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