Plug and Play Solution for barcode printing needs


Stellium’s printing solution is a stand alone application for inventory tracing and tracking. The application can be used for design and printing of barcode / RF id for different product groups. The application seamlessly integrates with other ERP/ WMS suites and ensures ease of information flow. The application finds special use in the situations where the material arrives in the facility without having any tracking ID. This application possesses the capability for designing the labels to suit the requirement of the business. Details may include part number, date of receipt, part family details and vendor’s details to name a few. The label designs follow Code 128 and can be printed through the barcode printers belonging to various barcode printer makes available in the market. In the past, the application also has also seen immense use in the warehouse transition activity where the labels generated through the application can fasten the stock upload activity from one system to the other.
  • Faster out of the box installation, ease of use, variety of design labels and range of applicability.