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ASRS system

Automated storage and retrieval systems—often referred to as AS/RS, where goods are automatically brought out of, and placed back into, storage. This is typically achieved by pairing the technology with warehouse execution software (WES) that manages the process and helps warehouse personnel process orders.

Automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) has been having a bit of a moment the last few years as its adoption has become more widespread in warehouses and order fulfilment operations.

ASRS system mainly categorised two parts, one is Unit load and Mini load .

  • Fixed-Aisle Unit-Load AS/RS Cranes
  • Movable-Aisle Unit-Load AS/RS Cranes/li>
  • Mini-Load AS/RS Crane
  • Mini-Load AS/RS Shuttle

Unit-Load AS/RS

Unit-load automated storage and retrieval systems typically handle larger loads of goods and material (including weights measuring in thousands of pounds). Often, this means that the AS/RS tech is handling and moving full or partial pallets or cases.

Unit-load AS/RS can come in many forms, including:

  • Fixed-Aisle Unit-Load AS/RS Cranes: In fixed-aisle unit-load AS/RS systems, pallet racks are arranged with narrow aisles between them. A crane travels between these aisles moving both vertically and horizontally to retrieve and store product. The crane is fixed to a single aisle of pallets.
  • Movable-Aisle Unit-Load AS/RS Cranes: This type of AS/RS, consisting of a crane moving between narrow aisles of pallets, functions in much the same way as fixed-aisle AS/RS. The key difference is that it is not fixed to a specific aisle and can service multiple aisles./li>

Mini-Load AS/RS

Compared to unit-load AS/RS, mini-load AS/RS typically handles smaller loads of product. Instead of full pallets, this often translates into a mini-load AS/RS handling totes, trays, or cartons. These systems are sometimes also called “case-handling” or “tote-stacking” systems.

Benefits of ASRS

Improve order picking accuracy – Pallets, cartons or cases.
Lean inventory management– Reduce spoilage of food or damage to product
Any environment– AS/RS System Freezer applications to – 40 F or other harsh environments – Wet, Dry or Frozen.
Safer Operations– AS/RS system cranes are low-noise, improved employee safety and reduced operator fatigue, perfect for hazardous materials storage.
As automated as you need– Simple manually controlled order picking or let us engineer a fully-automated AS/RS system with every detail your warehouse needs
Narrow Aisles = More Storage Space– Vertical, horizontal and lateral movement from aisle to storage load location
High-Density Storage – The smallest building footprint with maximum product storage.
Modular Design – Easy Expansion as your AS/RS system grows.

Case Study

Customer: Major FMCG
Project Type: Integrated Factory Automated DC Warehouse
No of Product Handled: 4 Types. (FMCG categories).
Location: South India.

Factory attached DC Warehouse

About Client & System.

Our Client , one of the leading fast-moving goods manufacturer company in India , due to the FMCG business growth has implemented new Manufacturing facility with factory attached automated DC warehouse in south India.

Pallet Capacity: Phase 1 & 2 : 22,080 nos.,

Throughput per day: 500 nos.

How the Factory and Warehouse Run.

Factory has producing four types of FMCG product, from the factory FG material to be transferred through Lift and conveyor to DC warehouse in a surface of 3lakh sq. Ft, ASRS will receive the pallet from infeed conveyor through RGV. All the warehouse activity has been managed by WMS.

Automated system has been divided in to two main system,

One is main high bay ASRS system for A class product and back pick ASRS system for B class product and case flow rack for C class product.

Layout Plan view

The docking arrangement made for two types of delivery one is full pallet dispatch and another will be case dispatch. full pallet picked from P&D station trough forklift, and case boxes picked manually from back pick ASRS.

Subsequently, the WMS transmits the per day orders to the workers for full pallet and case pick qty.

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